A letter to my future self…

This weekend I opened a letter I’d written to myself over a year ago.

Doing so reminded me of the incredible women I shared the day with. We sat underneath the mighty Castle Point lighthouse soaking up the sunshine and sea air as we wrote to our future selves.

2019 me celebrated all we’d achieved in 2020.

Prior to opening the letter I worried I may have let my past self down. 2020 hasn’t exactly been the year we’d expected. I quickly realised that perhaps I hadn’t been giving the strong woman writing the letter enough credit. She knew what we were truly capable of and could see through the bells and whistles and knew what mattered most.

There’s definitely still lots of work to do but despite everything 2020 has dished up it was exciting to discover I’d slowly but surely been making progress.

Have you written to your future self before? It’s a fantastic activity to help you reflect on the year that’s been and identify the dreams and plans you have for the year to come.

Here’s what 2019 me wrote:

Dear Ruby,

What a year! Congratulations for taking the leap and as a whānau committing to what was important. You know now there is no need to worry about money. When you commit to something, work hard and work to your strengths and passions it all falls into place.

Your tamariki are your legacy and what incredible humans they are becoming. Strong, kind, curious and fun.

Keep using your voice to help those that can’t and need it the most. You’ve made great progress but this work will always grow and be needed. Continue to be open to where that takes you. You don’t have to have all the answers.
I hope you and Hayden feel proud of what you’ve achieved this year and take time to celebrate what went well and learn from your mistakes.

15 November 2019 – as you soaked up the sunshine next to the Castle Point lookout you’d hoped that 2020 would be filled with calm, love, energy, hustle and whānau. You’d planned to launch 2 x T1D Mastery online courses, perhaps exploring mental health and creating a strong mind to thrive and the T1D ‘Motherload’. You found your blogging flow and are respected in the T1D online space.
HPM is humming. You’re getting close to $X turnover and most importantly the team are thriving, engaged and working together. Hayden has his mojo back. He is an incredible leader and together you’re bringing the property development dream to life.

Keep up with your Te Reo journey. Know who you are and be proud of where you’ve come from.


P.S. Don’t forget time for YOU. You deserve it and are worth it. xx