Is quitting sugar the answer to mastering diabetes?

At the start of every year I take stock, reflect and think of ways to make the coming year, bigger and better than the last. This January has been no different.

I continue to ride the diabetes rollercoaster and while the insulin pump has certainly made a difference, I can’t help but wonder if there’s another magic trick that will make the ride a little smoother. After reading Sarah Wilson’s, I Quit Sugar (IQS) I wonder whether this could be the answer.

Every time I think about quitting sugar – panic sets in. How would I treat a Hypo, with no sugar? Quitting sugar would mean the jellybeans and fruit juice I currently use to treat a hypo would be off the menu. Perhaps it’s not possible to be a sugar-free type 1 diabetic. What! Listen to me, I was making excuses. I emailed the IQS team of experts to see if I could get around this road block. They said I should always check with my doctor and suggested Dextrose and Rice Malt Syrup (instead of glucose) to help treat any hypos. Dextrose is chemically identical to glucose but made from corn. Rice Malt Syrup is made from brown rice and has a lower GI then refined sugar, both are natural sugar alternatives. Who knew? But what happens if my good intentions go out the window as soon as my blood sugars drop (this is normally the case) and I find myself guzzling blackcurrant juice mid hypo? Well, I’ll cut myself some slack. The priority is to stay alive, get my blood sugars back on track and then get straight back on the band wagon.

What was I so scared of? I couldn’t believe I was letting diabetes hold me back.

It was only after enjoying Frittatinis and salad for lunch (no sugar and no carbs) that required NO INSULIN I realised I had to do this. It made diabetic sense. There was no reason I couldn’t. So, in my normal fashion I’ve jumped in head first, boots and all and signed up to the eight week I Quit Sugar programme. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing! Check out for more info.

I can’t imagine removing sugar will be easy especially as it seems to be in everything, but I’m willing to get it a try. I’ll share my progress on my blog and Instagram @mastering_diabetes. I’d also love to hear from anyone that has any tips or tricks.

In three months’ time I may look back at this as a silly experiment with minimal results, having welcomed sugar back into my life with open arms. You win some, you lose some.

BUT – what if it does make a difference?

I’ve put it out there now. I’m going to quit sugar! YIKES. Let’s do this!