T1D Mastery, helping others master Type 1 diabetes

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 14 and since then have refused to let it define me.

Back in 2015 when my normal diabetes regime stopped working, I felt like I could no longer control my diabetes. For the first time, I faced the terrifying realization that type 1 diabetes could prevent me from enjoying the little things we take for granted. Things like holding down a job, laughing with friends, getting old with my husband and watching my children grow, could be out of my reach.

I began a quest to finally master diabetes. Click here to read more.

Fast forward to 2018:
My husband asked me recently if I had mastered diabetes. I proudly said “You know what, I think I have!”
I feel confident living with Type 1 diabetes, understand the multitude of things that can affect my blood sugars and have a range of tools and techniques to ensure Diabetes never wins. This also includes knowing when to call in the experts and reach out for extra help and support. (I’m not superwoman after all.) I am better equipped to ride the diabetes roller-coaster, able to predict the peaks and troughs. I’ve also realised, most importantly, that if things go astray it does not mean I have failed or I am a ‘bad diabetic’, instead it is an opportunity to continue to learn and grow.

It has taken me far too long to master diabetes even though I’ve received an overwhelming amount of information during this journey. Why hasn’t it stuck?
We all learn in different ways however my experience of diabetes education has always been ‘one size fits all’. It’s not surprising that information can often go in one ear, and out the other. It is vital that people understand how to live well with Type 1 diabetes as soon as possible, to truly master this disease and live long, full and healthy lives.

It’s now time to begin part two of the journey…

Calling on over 19 years living with, or supporting someone with Type 1, my family are on a mission to help other people master T1D too. Utilizing our extensive experience in Learning & Development, Instructional Design, Implementation and Delivery we plan to share engaging, relevant, diabetes information in a way that sticks. For people living with Type 1 diabetes, our lives depend on it.

Over the next few months we will share our hopes, dreams and plans for T1D Mastery and how you can get involved. We are aiming to launch our first online programme later in the year. Join us on the T1D Mastery Facebook page to be kept in the loop. https://www.facebook.com/T1DMastery/

Let’s do this! xxx